O’Reilly Consultants. believes employee retention is one of the primary measures of the health of your organisation. If you are losing critical staff members, you can safely bet that other colleagues in their departments are looking as well.

Annual Staff Appraisals with current employees gives the employee the opportunity to express their grievances, new ideas/suggestions, training requirements in the strictest of confidence, clearing the air between other departments/management/supervisors and leads to better performance both individually and as a team.

Exit interviews with departing employees provide valuable information you can use to retain remaining staff. Action their results. You’ll never have a more significant source of data about the health of your organization.


“Given the ever evolving HR landscape, and the operational and regulatory challenges that SME’s face, ASC decided to outsource the majority of our HR function to O’Reilly Consultants. They undertake everything from annual reviews, ongoing recruitment and ad hoc consulting on legal and mission critical issues.”

Dave Garvey
Chief Financial Officer
Advanced Surgical Concepts Limited