Employment Legislation


Employers must ensure that their employees receive certain basic employment rights. These rights are governed by detailed employment legislation. If you employ people or are setting up a business that will employ people, you need to be familiar with your responsibilities and your employees’ rights.

O’Reilly Consulting Group (ORC) will audit your company to assess your compliance with over forty pieces of employment legislation.

Employee Handbooks and Contracts of Employment

We will design terms of employment for your staff, along with an employee handbook, which will detail all policies and procedures that you need to ensure your workplace is defended against possible employment disputes, which are often unavoidable in today’s climate.

We also carry out an initial consultation that will include collating facts, taking statements, briefing your witnesses and undertaking legal research etc.

Contracts and Terms of Employment

If your employees are working for a regular wage or salary, they automatically have a contract of employment with your company. The full contract of employment does not have to be put in writing. However, under Irish legislation your employee must receive a written statement of 5 core terms of employment within the first 5 days of starting a job.

These core terms are:

  • The full names of the employer and employee
  • The address of the employer
  • The expected duration of the contract (where the contract is temporary or fixed term)
  • The rate or method of calculating pay and the pay reference period for the purposes of the National Minimum Wage Act (a week, a fortnight or a month)
  • What you reasonably expect the normal length of the employee’s working day and week to be, in a normal working day and in a normal working week

You must also provide the employee with a statement of the remaining terms within 2 months of their employment start date.

Most terms and conditions of employment are stated in a written contract or a comprehensive company handbook.

Employee Assist Program (EAP)

ORC offers EAP support to both employees and managers/supervisors whose work performance, health & well-being is adversely affected by personal or work-related issues. We will assist you in designing and developing an EAP or training programme that will meet your needs.

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